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Once you get the hang of it, the practice can create just enough space in your head so that when you get angry or annoyed, you are less likely to take the bait and act on it. There’s even science to back this up—an explosion of new research, complete with colorful MRI scans, demonstrating that meditation can essentially rewire your brain.”

-Dan Harris; 10% Happier

Build community with others interested in starting a meditation practice. 10% Happier by Dan Harris is geared toward people who are meditation skeptics, those who don’t know where to begin, or are hoping to learn more about the science behind meditation.

Monday Evening Meetings | 6:30-8pm
September 3rd & 17
October 1 & 15

Additional weekly meditation for book club members & a guest: Time TBD by group.

$60 / Book Club Includes:

  • Book Discussion
  • Weekly Meditations (2x every other week)
  • Community Gatherings at Soulside Healing Arts

Please bring your own book & journal.


Janie Backs practices yoga and meditation to become the best possible version of herself and to help every one of her students do the same. She began teaching in 2015 and quickly found it to be her passion. Janie started her teaching journey in Columbia Missouri, then St. Louis. Her teachings and studies took her to Barcelona Spain and throughout Europe. All of Janie‘s classes focus on breath work, strength, flexibility, and balance. She is excited to lead this book group to give people the boost they need to expand their mindfulness practices to include meditation.