Our Team

Hannah Ramlo

Executive Director

Hannah Ramlo

Executive Director

Hannah opened the doors to Soulside Healing Arts studio in downtown Peoria on June 1st, 2018 after incorporating as a nonprofit earlier that year. After falling into yoga in college as what she believed was an alternative to traditional work-outs, Hannah realized she'd found a practice that could keep her nurtured in healing and learning indefinitely. She dug deeper by studying the anatomical and philosophic foundations of yoga through a 200-hour intensive with Yogacara Global in the Scottish Trossachs.

Hannah has worked in nonprofits and as a freelance writer, spending time living in Chicago, Cincinnati, Venice, Italy, and Poznan, Poland before moving back to central Illinois. She earned a Masters degree in Nonprofit Leadership from Bradley University and has furthered her yoga studies in trauma-informed and body-positive yoga.

As a teacher, Hannah works to deepen each student's capacity to identify patterns and structures, both limiting and liberating. She seeks to guide groups with reverence for variety, empowering students to embrace what each moment calls for in their singular body. 


Abi Amstutz


Abi’s journey with yoga began as clumsy 13-year-old in need of self awareness, and it has remained a big part of her life ever since. When she was 18, she underwent labral repair surgery on her right hip. Surprising many, she continued to practice yoga daily, which influenced her swift and impressive recovery. Though she has always loved being active, enjoying everything from Irish dance to rock climbing, yoga has remained a consistent piece of her life. In 2016, she completed her 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher training through Aura Wellness Center. She enjoys teaching Hatha Yoga as a way to align and calm the body, mind, and spirit.

In addition to being a Certified Yoga Instructor, she also received a Personal Trainer Certification through NASM/AFAA in May 2017. Beyond Yoga, Abi runs her own art tutoring business and has taught at various places including the Children’s Playhouse Museum, the APACHE Convention, Peoria Park District, and privately. Yoga and art constantly invite her into the present moment, and help her live day by day in a meaningful way.

Janie Backs


Janie practices yoga to become the best possible version of herself and to help every one of her students do the same. She started practicing yoga while in college, at a point in life when she truly needed it most. She was not happy with herself and her world around her mirrored that. After consistent practice, she noticed a significant, positive, and tangible shift, with her decisions becoming more clear and aligned. She completed her 200 hour training through Clayton Yoga in St. Louis, and is certified through YOGABODY Yoga Teachers College and Yoga Trapeze. Janie began teaching in 2015 and quickly found it to be her passion. Her teachings and studies took her to Barcelona, Spain and throughout Europe. Now, She is back in the midwest to teach you! Her classes are fitness and wellness based, and are suited for beginner and experienced yogis. All of Janie's classes focus on breath work, strength, flexibility, and balance.

Tafi Brown


Certified in Crystal Healing, Tafi enjoys leading others in creating crystal grids and selecting gemstones that resonate with each person's unique needs. Her work with crystals is intended to help balance the chakras, improving overall feelings of wellness. Tafi's interest in holistic healing has also led her to begin training as a doula, study herbal tea and smoke methods, and become well-versed in plant selection and growth, including creating kokedama.





Devpreet is the name given to Teresa Smith from the “Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan” yoga tradition that means “love and compassion.” This name was not chosen herself but given while studying yoga in Chicago. Devpreet aspires to live up to her name—uplifting others through teaching yoga, meditation, and encouraging healthy lifestyle practices.

A Peoria native, Devpreet has lived in Arizona and Hawaii but always gravitates back home. Having deep roots in the community, she has studied Master Gardening, facilitated Prairie School Project, and served on the Friends of Rocky Glen board of directors.

Devpreet has served locally for over 28 years as a Registered Nurse, and currently works for the Human Service Center. She has taught yoga in the Peoria area for nearly 20 years, completing her 200 hour training in 2010 and 500 hour training in 2016. She has taken advanced yogic training in SuperHealth: Yoga and Meditation for Addictive Behavior, is a level 3 Reiki practitioner, and a certified Breathwalk instructor. Prior to studying the Kundalini lineage, Devpreet studied under many talented teachers including John Friend and Tias Little. Always an eager student, her studies are ongoing!

Devpreet is married to David Pittman. Her daughter, Annelyse, lives in Denver, and stepdaughter, Anne, resides in Massachusetts.  David and Devpreet currently share their West Peoria home with several beautiful sentient beings (2 dogs, 4 cats, and a cockatiel)!

Emily Dahlhoff

In 2008, Emily completed a 200-hour teacher training through the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. In June 2009 she became pregnant with her first child and fell more in love with her practice. After the birth of her first son she realized how empowering pregnancy and childbirth had been for her and what a strong role yoga had played in that experience. This became her motivation to begin a career as a birth worker. Since 2010 she has completed 140 hours in prenatal yoga training, become a certified doula, and completed a lactation counselor certification. Emily’s personal experience as a mother and a homemaker lend inspiration to her work as a prenatal and postpartum yoga instructor. She has a deep connection and understanding for the necessity to hold space for mothers of every stage.

Darrin Ford


Darrin has been practicing Reiki since 1998. After his first attunement, he realized why his hands had been warm since he was a child. In 2004, he received his Master/Teacher degree and has taught multiple first and second-degree Reiki students. Darrin is board president for a spiritualist church in Bloomington-Normal. He believes that Reiki groups are one of the best ways to share and partake in energy healing. Being part of and holding multiple groups has allowed for growth and new experiences in the spiritual energy world. Darrin loves connecting to the life force energy and sharing it with others. 

TJ Grasch


TJ is a certified yoga instructor and family physician. He has long believed that the core foundation to the health of his patients and individuals is the lifestyle choices that guide their lives. This led him to first incorporate yoga into his personal life for more than ten years and then ultimately pursue teacher training. TJ completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training with Prairie Yoga Institute. His yoga is informed by other movement and breath-based practices, including Somatics and Qigong, to create classes that are accessible to all.


Nicole Klinge

Nicole began her journey into herbalism in 2006 when she began attending an 18-month program in Clinical Herbalism and became an apprentice in the schools' herbal apothecary. After graduation, she began teaching others self-empowerment through the simple yet profound use of herbs as medicine. To deepen her knowledge of science she studied biology and chemistry and currently works in the hospital’s Anatomical Pathology lab as a histology tech. She has worked on several organic farms to learn the art of growing plants and as a shaman’s apprentice to deepen her understanding of energetic healing forces. She is on a never-ending quest to learn from the wisdom of experienced herbalists and the plants themselves. She currently grows medicinal plants, has a diverse apothecary of remedies, participates in medicinal plant conservation, teaches, and helps individuals on their path to health.

Ann Kraut

Ann began practicing Yoga in 2000. She received her 200 R.Y.T. Certification under Maribeth Hammond at The Yoga Channel at Silver Strand Beach, CA in 2015. She was also certified in 2015 as a Vibration Transformation Facilitator for Chakra based workshops, cleanses and private sessions, now titled VIBES Chakra Series and completed a training Thai Yoga in 2007. Ann is passionate about sharing Yoga and believes that proper movement, meditation, breathing, cleansing and nutrition practices lead to healthier happier living. She is an advocate for helping people create new practices and deepen existing ones for better self-love and self-healing. Ann believes a well balanced yoga practice from seat to feet is an important gift to share, so that everyone may raise their vibration & live more fully in their lives.

Alex Walker


Alex found yoga in 2010 in her college town of Athens, Georgia. Yoga followed her to West Africa during Peace Corps where she practiced with other volunteers and locals. She received her 200 hour certification at Kashi Ashram in Atlanta, Georgia in 2015, and her 500 hour certification from Tapas Yoga Shala in Rock Island, IL in 2019. Her trainings have been completely life-changing and gave her much needed relief from her analytical, monkey mind! While she enjoys flowing and the physical benefits of yoga, she believes the mental techniques, spiritual aspect, and breath component are equally important. Alex came to Illinois in 2016 for graduate school and stayed to work in the Economics department at Caterpillar. 


Jamila Wilson

Jamila Wilson is the eldest of Rev. Gary and Muriel J Wilson’s four children. Jamila moved to Louisiana in 2006 to support the recovery and rebuilding efforts of New Orleans after the hurricanes of Katrina and Rita. There, she devoted herself completely to her yoga practice, utilizing yoga to help deal with the harsh realities of rebuilding a city and motivating its youth. In 2009, she received her 250 hour certification in vinyasa yoga and 40 hour certification in yin-yoga from the Wake Up YogaTeacher Training Program in Philadelphia. Jamila most recently taught vinyasa and yin yoga in three yoga studios in New England. She has returned to central Illinois to be closer to her family. Jamila describes her teaching style as “a journey into Self, an exploration of personal truth, and an opportunity to witness the true essence of who you were created to be."

Board of Directors

Brent Baker, President
Greater Peoria Economic Development Council / Bike Peoria / Small Scale Developer / Bradley Alum

Deanna Kennedy, Secretary
Masters in Professional Accountancy in Progress / Mountain Biker

Nicole Nudelman, Treasurer
CPA / PricewaterhouseCoopers / Bradley Alum

Emily Dahlhoff, Director
Methodist Family Childcare Center / Doula / Prenatal Yoga Instructor

Jamila Wilson, Director
City of Peoria Public Works PeoriaCorps / Hope Renewed / Southside Community United for Change / Yoga Instructor