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The MissionSoulside decreases barriers to healing, health, and happiness by making holistic wellness practices accessible to all.

Soulside at Common Place
“For most of our kids, the world is a noisy, crowded environment. Even without electronics readily available, the ability to concentrate is hindered. One of my students once commented that she had “never listened to herself or heard her own heart -until she tried yoga.” Pam Rumba; Executive Director, Common Place
“I look forward to attending class every week. Soulside fosters a calm, supportive, and judgement-free environment. I’ve noticed myself slowly getting stronger and more flexible which helps build my confidence and improve my relationship with my body.” Erin Fenton; Pekin Insurance
Soulside at Common Place

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Our Core ServicesSee how we make an impact in our community.

  • Workplace Wellness

    Custom yoga and mindfulness offerings improve mood and productivity at work. Soulside helps employers promote a culture of wellness which helps attract and retain employees. Learn more

  • Community Wellness

    Trauma-informed yoga enables renewed agency and self-esteem. Soulside fosters healing and connection in social service settings where people can benefit from the tools of yoga, but haven’t traditionally had access to them.

  • Studio Space

    The studio at 1311 SW Adams is an accessible space for community, where mindfulness and movement nourish the mind, body, and soul.

OUR WORKExpanding access to holistic wellness

The Journal of Traumatic Stress estimates 89% of adults have endured a traumatic event. Science has shown that yoga and mindfulness mitigate the lasting symptoms of trauma, like anxiety, hypervigilance, or depression, but it is often not affordable or accessible to those who need it most.

Soulside Healing Arts is a nonprofit organization that decreases barriers to healing, health, and happiness by making yoga and mindfulness practices accessible to all. Soulside’s hybrid model brings holistic practices into workplaces and social service agencies and provides services in a studio setting, all with the goal of expanding access to holistic wellness.

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